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Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas


World Mental Health Day – Fight the Stigma

October 10 was World Mental Health Day, and unlike so many of the fun holidays we cover on our blog, this is a very serious holiday that should be given the utmost attention. Mental health is a serious issue and there are millions of people dealing with it in one form or another each and every day. 

Don’t be Haunted by Hidden Fees and Charges


Fall is Finally Here! It’s Time to Dress Like It.


Miniature Golf – The Perfect First or Second Date

First dates can be great, but they can also be very awkward. With nerves firing, both of you are essentially interviewing a potential romantic partner for the job.

Go Green – Clean Up and Recycle Old Tees

Many people are pitching in to do their part for the planet, going green in various ways to decrease their carbon footprint. Some people want to change the world. Others just want to do what they can to help. In either case, decreasing your carbon footprint starts with recycling.

Hug Your Hound – And Dress Them Up!


The Countdown to Halloween and Christmas Begins

103 Days


It's Raining, I Deserve This

It's  rainy; you are going to lay under a blanket and stay away from the cold, wet rain. So while you are nice and warm and toasty in your bed or on your couch or just on a nice reading chair, you are first going to grab your laptop and design your own t-shirt to come on a non-rainy day. 

It’s Friday, Have a Brewsky!

TGI Friday! It’s the end of the week, and it also happens to be Nation Beer Lovers Day. It’s a great excuse to use #NationalBeerLoversDay to express your love of the bubbly yellow beverage. So what’s your brew of choice? Lager? Stout? IPA? Pilsner? Ale? Whatever your go-to is, grab a brew and celebrate.