Whether you’re a classic car collector, automotive racer, or just a lover of cars, a custom t-shirt is a must for you. Check out our selection of graphics, clip art, colors, and fonts for an awesome custom t-shirt your group or company will love.

Classic Shirts for Classic Cars

Hey, classic car lovers. Let’s be honest for a second; one of the absolute best parts of owning a classic car is letting the world know you own one. Imagine that feeling you get cruising down the street in your classic ride, and imagine having that feeling all day long, on or off the road. The answer is simple…make a custom t-shirt online to commemorate your ride!

Mighty FC

A Jeep is like the tshirt of the automotive world: purpose built, utilitarian but with style and a carefree-ness.  Right now this Mighty FC is just a concept, but one that has our collective vote.  The Mighty FC is a nod to the original Willys Forward Control; vintage style, modern technology.  Just like what you get when you custom design a tshirt just for you.

Where is my flying car?

As recently as the early 90s, I read about the cars of the future. I read that by the year 2000, we would be driving cars that fly. Twelve years past the predicted date I have yet to meet anyone who is driving a flying car.


I have met people who like to drive much faster than the speed limit; some call this “flying”. However, this method of driving was not new in the year 2000. So what happened to the space cars that we were supposed to drive? I parked mine on a t-shirt. What are you parking on your custom t-shirt?


Fixing a car

It is inevitable; every car will break in some way at some point. Regardless if it runs out of gas, the motor is too old or the brakes need to be replaced, every car needs to be fixed. The question is, what t-shirt should a person wear to fix a car?

We’ve all seen pictures of men wearing the standard plain white t-shirt with grease stains on it. Some people wear a grey shirt so that the grease stains don’t show up as much. If you or someone you know likes to repair cars, is the plain shirt the best choice or would a custom tee be a more appropriate choice?

Perfect Vintage.

This car.  This.

Oh, the old Mustang

The Ford Mustang has long been the dream car of teenage boys and even grown men. Many men today still have or wish they still had that car. Men of all ages drive the car with pride. This custom t-shirt shows a young man who is a proud owner of his car. In the history of the Ford Mustang, there have been thousands of pictures of men in t-shirts standing proudly next to their car. Design a custom shirt with WhoopTee, like the one shown below, with your car on it.