In college, there are so many activities, sports, and extracurriculars in desperate need of the coolest custom t-shirts around, it’s almost overwhelming. That’s why WhoopTee is the perfect place for you to order t-shirts for your fraternity, sorority, club, group, dorm floor, or just for fun! Design your own custom t-shirts with the WhoopTee designer tool for a quick and easy way to impress all of your new friends.

What is a Team without a Mascot?

Today is #NationalMascotDay, and all over the Twitterverse teams are recognizing their mascots, the unsung heroes. Fans are also expressing their love for their all time favorite mascots. Especially as a kid, a mascot is a big part of fandom. How many young Cardinals fans have warm, fuzzy memories of Fredbird that carry with them into adulthood?

Activity Tees in Time for the New Semester

The new semester is going to be a mad house. Every sorority, fraternity, club, organization, activity, group, cause, and intramural team are going to be fighting for the pick of potential members. With freshmen arriving on campus and looking to dive headfirst into student life, being first, being the most noticed, is often the most important. 

Get Your Greek T-Shirts Before School Starts

Summer is a welcome break from the stress and bustle of the school year. It’s also a time to get affairs on order before the stress and bustle of the next school year. That goes for students, faculty, and parents, but it goes double for sororities and fraternities.

Back to School Tips from

Take out your pencils and paper . . . it’s time for a pop quiz.  Okay, so it’s still barely summer, but in a couple weeks, it’s back to school.  Time to reinvent your image after a long summer of working out, getting a new group of friends from work and a new set of wheels.

Incredibowl Team: Create a One-of-A-Kind Shirt

Inspiration can come from anywhere.  It’s what drives us to take an idea farther, to change direction or adapt to something new and different.  Whether it’s in our careers, education, love lives or even artistically, drawing inspiration is what unites us, yet keeps us unique.  Got it?

We'll Have You Yelling WHOOPTEE!!! on Your Spring Break!

Spring Break is the time of year that marks different milestones for different people.