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In college, there are so many activities, sports, and extracurriculars in desperate need of the coolest custom t-shirts around, it’s almost overwhelming. That’s why WhoopTee is the perfect place for you to order t-shirts for your fraternity, sorority, club, group, dorm floor, or just for fun! Design your own custom t-shirts with the WhoopTee designer tool for a quick and easy way to impress all of your new friends.

Nerdy or Trendy? Use Whooptee for Custom Designed Shirts.

Most schools, sports and clubs order the same old shirts every year and call it tradition

Selfless Senior: Remembering Mom with Custom Apparel

Senior year:  With one foot out the door it’s hard to believe it’s almost all over.  While looking back is a tad bittersweet, what’s done is done.  It’s hard to stay focused during this high stakes time in your young adult life.  This school is already in your rearview mirror but there’s a lot of time left between then and now. Homecoming, Christmas dance, Senior Day, ACT’s, SAT’s, all looming ahead.

Prepare yourself for the obligatory conversation with every family member at every function over the next year.  It goes a little something like this:

Junior Year - Got Gas?

Congratulations, you're a junior! You're 16, passed your driver's exam and even have a car.  But unfortunately, the pools are closing which means your lucrative career as a lifeguard has come to an end.  What now?

Junior year means freedom.  But, at the risk of sounding like an Army recruitment video, freedom comes with a price - in the form of gas money.

How are you going to get the gas money? How much do you need? Where are you going? Can everyone pitch in?  All this time and energy to solve one simple problem.

Embrace the Possibility - Sophomore Year

Great!  It’s sophomore year.  You’re not exactly new but still not old enough to have an extended curfew, drive or buy condoms.  But your chances of being cool just jumped tremendously.  See, when you’re a freshman, both friendship and courtship, are only options for your older, more mature counterparts.  But, as a sophomore, you now get to enjoy being on display as the “somewhat” new kid in school.

How your life could change:

1.       You could make varsity – I mean could – depending on how large your school is, or if you have a winning team.

Freshman Year: Establish Popularity with Creative T-Shirts

First day of school: seeing everyone, checking out the gear.  Whether it’s high school or college, you are what you wear.  Much like being in prison, you’ve got to establish your authority from day one.  Shank the biggest, baddest jock at school? There’s a better way.

To Whine or To Wine?

August brings out an array of mixed emotions for those of us living in St. Louis. The whining about Summer being over has already begun. Given the last Winter we had, I guess it's justifiable. But Winter isn't here yet so make the best of the beautiful weather while you can! Living in St. Louis defintely has it's perks. There are a ton of winerires located witin an hour and a half of the city. So, ditch the gloomy attitude, call your friends and grab your favorite oversized wine glass. One last task to complete before your trip.

Man Claims Whooptee T-Shirt has Given him Energy Boost

July 24, 2014 (B.S. Wire) Solar energy is not just for cars and houses anymore.  Environmentalists and Congressmen alike encourage to “go green” but not so says Tennessee native Alan Montgomery.  The 21 year old engineering student at the University of Podunk, urges other students to “Go Black for Solar Energy.”

Winners With WhoopTee - 3 Scoops Of Rice

Most recently, the group won a $200 certificate from Whooptee.com to spend on their next order just by sending a picture of the group in their talent show t-shirts. Remember, whether you’re designing shirts for your dance troupe or just a group of fans, you’re always a winner with Whooptee!

Graduation: The Perfect Pick!

Making the perfect pick is easy . . . with some practice. Graduation cards lined up, at attention for your reading pleasure. But, where to begin? Do you go for emotion or laughs? Sentimentality or budget? Should you color coordinate with the gift? Then there are the categories: For graduate, for college graduate, for left-handed college graduates with a grandmother named Shirley.

Custom T-Shirts For Graduation!

Graduation is here. The auditorium is packed. Cameras are flashing. The music is playing. But there's one more pop quiz left to answer: Did they make it? You know your mom has a tendency to run late trying to get her hair just perfect and your dad always has to try out a new "shortcut". So many people...Wait, there they are. At least I think that's them? You can't tell because everyone looks THE SAME. Wake up! It's just a nightmare; there's still time left before graduation.