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In college, there are so many activities, sports, and extracurriculars in desperate need of the coolest custom t-shirts around, it’s almost overwhelming. That’s why WhoopTee is the perfect place for you to order t-shirts for your fraternity, sorority, club, group, dorm floor, or just for fun! Design your own custom t-shirts with the WhoopTee designer tool for a quick and easy way to impress all of your new friends.

Custom T-Shirts For Mud Runs

Ready, set....get down and dirty in your custom tshirt! Everywhere you look these days people are racing, getting dirty and loving it! Design your own tshirt for your next 5k, half marathan or mud run. Social media has been taken over by dirty, wild looking people with huge smiles on their faces. I get why they are smiling. The entire time growing up we are told not to play in the mud. Now that we are grown we are being encouraged to run in it, play in it and roll in it.  Running, endorphins, mud and a beer at the finish line. I mean, what is there not to love and where can I sign up?!?

Moisture Management Apparel for Athletes

Badger Sportswear is commited to keeping top notch athletes as competitive as possible. This is achieved by designing apparel made for sweating and hustling! Badger is known for their moisture management technology and anti-microbial performance fabric. If you are looking for a custom t shirt to give you the extra edge you need to stay cool, Badger is perfect for you! So far this season we have seen Badger custom t shirts for archery, soccer, running, volleyball and much more.

Adidas Climalite Short Sleeve Tee's Are Here!

While some of us here at WhoopTee tend to be easily amused, this next announcement has everyone at WhoopTee dancing on their desks!  We are excited to announce that we are now carrying Adidas Climalite custom t-shirts.  That's right, we are carrying the brand known for making history, breaking records and kicking butt.  Adidas apparel has been helping athletes perform faster, cooler and more competitively for years.

Custom T-Shirts For Your Sanity

We all know how shopping for the perfect t-shirt design goes.  You can never find the right one at the 11th hour.  But if you are just browsing and don’t have any time constraints then you hit the jackpot with a plethora of good stuff!  With WhoopTee, you have a huge selection of blank canvases to create the best custom t-shirts ever.  No more frantic searching for the perfect shirt while having to listen to the screeching sound of metal hangers sliding from side to side.

Custom T-Shirts For Christmas

Avoid handing out fruit cakes for Christmas, NOBODY likes them, at all.  Some say it’s a tradition but it just doesn’t matter anymore.  Do not make the mistake of giving them out, you’d be better off telling people you forgot their gift at home.  Give the gift that keeps on giving….custom t-shirts!!  

Custom T-Shirts For Big Wed., Thanksgiving and Black Friday

It’s almost that time of year again.  Time to celebrate Thanksgiving with your friends and family!  Although Thanksgiving is referred to as a one day event, have you ever noticed that it is really a two or possibly three day event?  That’s right, Thanksgiving eve also known as “Big Wednesday” should get some recognition.  It’s the biggest party night of the year.

Custom T-Shirts for Birthday Presents

When it comes to birthday gifts, we all want to prevail and pull off finding the most awe-inspiring gift ever. Remarkable gift ideas usually take multiple brainstorming sessions before they come to fruition. One thing you should know is that you can NEVER go wrong with creating a custom t-shirt design for the next birthday gift you hand out.

Custom T-Shirts For Float Trips

What would summer be in the midwest without an annual float trip? If you haven't already made arrangements, now is the perfect time to plan your summer fun! Start sending the mass email invites and see who is ready to grab a paddle and tear it up! Once you assemble your crew, head on over to WhoopTee and design your own custom t-shirts.

Custom T-Shirts For End Of Spring Semester

Now that the last grueling final has taken place, it is time to throw a celebratory end of spring semester bash!  Everyone is ready to blow off major steam and mingle so what better way to ring in summer than to host a huge shindig?

Custom T-Shirts For Spring Break

While spring break has sadly come to an end, we can all find happiness in reliving some of the most awesome memories we have ever made with our friends!  Instead of letting those amazing memories fade away, WhoopTee is here to help you and your friends keep the dream alive!