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Burbon, Scotch, Rye, Oh My!

Which team are you on? Today is National Whisky Day, and everyone has a favorite genre of fire water. Be it in a room full of leather bound books wearing a fancy robe, or in a dusty saloon with swinging doors, a stiff glass of whisky wets the whistle. Try saying that five times fast…

Did You Strike Out This Valentine’s Day?

 Well, Valentine’s Day has come and passed. Many partners all over have shown their significant other how much they mean through displays of love. This doesn't always mean floating in the frozen Atlantic so that your lover can safely float on a door.

SOS: Save Our Shirts

For a long time, the military has used Morse Code. More than just the military, there was  a time when Morse Code was the standard means of communicating through telegraph and between ships at sea. This is where the common phrase for help, SOS, comes into play as it was the official maritime distress call.

Grab a Pint and a Custom Tee

Home of the free, land of the brave, and country of origin to several specialty brewed American beers. Today is National American beer day. We may even argue this may be up there in men’s favorite holidays above national boyfriend day.

Are You Ready for the Eclipse?

Next Monday, the 21st, is a total solar eclipse. A total eclipse is a rare, beautiful, and awe-inspiring natural occurrence. Imagine what ancient people thousands of years ago must have felt seeing one transpire without understanding what was happening. The moment that the sky goes dark and the moon covers the sun is what sky watchers live for.

…Christmas? In July?