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Every now and then, you’re bound to come across a custom t-shirt that makes you go, “What the heck was that person thinking?” Maybe its a cool, funny, weird, or awesome kind of crazy t-shirt, but we have just the spot for those types of designs! It’s right here on our blog, where you can laugh and be amazed at all of the crazy t-shirt styles out there.

Friday Fling with Fonts this Fall

Summer clothes are nearly disposable.  You know what I'm talking about - your t-shirts end up with with a variety of stains and rips, from sno-cone juice to bike chain tears.  But it’s fine, the shirt cost $10 and you were kind of “over it” anyway.

Causal Friday Just Got Fun with Whooptee T's

Has the weekend left you feeling that you need more? That there’s more to life than clocking in and clocking out every day?  That two weeks vacation a year is a ratio that’s unfair to each of our limited lives?

Never Too Late for Holiday Deals at Whooptee.com

The holiday season has come and gone, but the season of shopping madness is still upon us! This can be good news for some people and bad for others. We here at Whooptee understand that shopping can get extremely crazy around this time of year.

Whooptee: The Most Trusted T-Shirt in the Midwest

The St. Louis Arch is undergoing a facelift.   Engineers have scaled the 630 foot structure to collect samples to identify the substance staining the Gateway to the West.  The mysterious stains on the not-so-stainless steel structure require two man teams in safety cables using suction devices to scale the top of the Arch for the next five days.

Never Considered Yourself a T-shirt Maker? Adopt a Whooptee

Have you noticed lately that something in your wardrobe is lacking? The cold chill of autumn evenings sending shivers up your neck? When you’re out to the movies or dinner, and you see other people with custom T-shirts do you stop to think “Could that be me?”

Custom T-Shirts For Mud Runs

Ready, set....get down and dirty in your custom tshirt! Everywhere you look these days people are racing, getting dirty and loving it! Design your own tshirt for your next 5k, half marathan or mud run. Social media has been taken over by dirty, wild looking people with huge smiles on their faces. I get why they are smiling. The entire time growing up we are told not to play in the mud. Now that we are grown we are being encouraged to run in it, play in it and roll in it.  Running, endorphins, mud and a beer at the finish line. I mean, what is there not to love and where can I sign up?!?

Custom T-Shirts For Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness

With Halloween right around the corner, I have been seeing a lot of zombies hanging around.  I have been seeing them on custom t-shirts, Facebook, the Discovery Channel and the Center for Disease Control web site.  Yep, that’s right...I’m scratching my head too.  I was perplexed by the thought of the CDC warning the public to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse but it’s for real.

The End Begins on Friday, December 21st

Well, it’s almost here.  According to popular (and under-researched) opinion, the Mayans say that this Friday, December 21st, is the last day of the world (let’s put aside the obvious question of the trustworthiness of Mayans regarding end-of-world issues).  But scientific and archeological research has shown that we actually have no idea what the Mayans are talking about, and so the idea that they predicted the end of the world would be this Friday is pure conjecture (this Friday is the end of the Long Count, a Mayan time tracking method, which in its current form tracked time from August


Whoa.......whoa. Tees like this that have the ability to re-imagine how we interpret the world, stretch our minds, and push our understanding of traditional objects are by definition, pretty rad.