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Every now and then, you’re bound to come across a custom t-shirt that makes you go, “What the heck was that person thinking?” Maybe its a cool, funny, weird, or awesome kind of crazy t-shirt, but we have just the spot for those types of designs! It’s right here on our blog, where you can laugh and be amazed at all of the crazy t-shirt styles out there.

It’s good to be king

Sometimes t-shirts are just silly. They are meant to have fun and put a play on words or pictures. This is one of those t-shirts: a king penguin wearing a kings crown, showing that it is good to be king. However, there are fun and silly designs that you can come up with for your own one-of-a-kind shirt.


King Penguin Shirt

My name is:

Jorie taught us all that wearing your face on your t-shirt is not considered to be a good fashion trend. Is it good if you wear your name on your shirt? We’ve all read stories about people who always wear nametags. Their reasons vary, perhaps one reason is that it is believed to make the world a friendlier place.


I am taking that one step further to suggest that rather than wearing a nametag, just wear a shirt with your name on it. In my case, I am wearing a shirt with the pictorial representation of my name. What do you think? Is this a fashion hit or miss?


Some Serious Noms

Vacuum Yo'Self

You’ve always wanted to create the illusion that you’re being inhaled by a household appliance too? Yahtzee! Join the club, we can both check that off our bucket lists.

Robot t-shirts

Robots are going to take over the world. At least, that has been the rumor for as long as I can remember. That day is not today that robots are running our households and corporations. When that day comes, help the robots in your life to be stylish. Show them the convenient features of whooptee.com to create custom t-shirts. While they will have the robotic features to accomplish many jobs, they likely won’t have the same keen eye on fashion that you do. Help a robot out with a whooptee.com t-shirt.

Open-source users

Open-source software is getting more attention these days as even the long-time brands have begun to embrace the technology. In spite of this, open-source users are still in the minority user group. If you or someone you know thinks that it is the best choice, create a custom t-shirt that only other users will understand.

Penguin rules t-shirt

Quick test: Do you understand this shirt?


Bizarre Blinds Tee

Ever thought to yourself, “Gee, I wish I had a t-shirt that raises and lowers like blinds. Like, blinds...but a t-shirt. Eureka, that’s it!”
What now, friends?

Catpocalypse Tee