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Custom t-shirts, created and designed entirely by you and your teammates, are a great way to reflect your thoughts. Whether it’s political, cultural, economical, or totally personal, WhoopTee is the perfect place for you to create t-shirts, styles, and custom designs that your whole team will love.

Cultural Custom T-Shirt Creations

In such a media saturated environment, what was momentarily a huge story is quickly replaced with smaller, insignificant news. One could get whiplash following Twitter, reading Facebook, or logging onto any news organization site to read every detail. These stories teach us a lesson in geography and religion; despite being halfway around the world, we are all connected. News bytes have us believing we know everything there is to know about a culture, the region and its people. As quickly as they come in, they fade away.

Hey Campers!

Camp, camp, camp. Basketball camp, science camp, nature camp. Camp for boys and camp for girls.  There’s even a Doggie Day camp! Summer is synonymous with camp. Keeping track of one kid is hard enough, let alone a hundred. Whooptee.com can make your job a lot easier. Divide and conquer. Follow these steps to design your own custom T-shirts for your camp and make ordering a breeze: 

Maid Of Honor VS. Made To Order

I grew up making custom t shirts, shorts, hair bows, you name it. If it could be cut, painted, cross-stitched or braided, I made it. As a 9 year-old venture capitalist waiting for my moment to change the world with friendship bracelets and puff paint, eveything I saw was creative inspiration. Clearly these were the days before the Internet, copyright and anything having to do with Pinterest.

Think Pink With A Tie Dyed Awareness Ribbon T Shirt

When we think of a group, we wonder how they came together. Several individuals, from different walks of life, unite for a common cause, idea, message or moral. As June approaches, it's hard to think of a more impressive group of people than Breast Cancer Survivors. Women banning together to increase awareness, raise money and at times, commemorate those that aren’t here to fight the good fight. 

Tanks For The Memories

Soccer has cleats: tough and functional. Baseball has the jersey: personal and classic. Golf has plaid: timeless and bold. And summer has the tank top. Of course, tank tops aren’t always so easily defined; much like snowflakes or boyfriends – no two are ever exactly alike. 

Keep Your (WhoopTee) Shirt On

In honor of National Sunscreen Day this week, the Whoop Team would like to present its own holiday. It’s called Keep Your Shirt On Day.

Graduation: The Perfect Pick!

Making the perfect pick is easy . . . with some practice. Graduation cards lined up, at attention for your reading pleasure. But, where to begin? Do you go for emotion or laughs? Sentimentality or budget? Should you color coordinate with the gift? Then there are the categories: For graduate, for college graduate, for left-handed college graduates with a grandmother named Shirley.

Custom T-Shirts For Graduation!

Graduation is here. The auditorium is packed. Cameras are flashing. The music is playing. But there's one more pop quiz left to answer: Did they make it? You know your mom has a tendency to run late trying to get her hair just perfect and your dad always has to try out a new "shortcut". So many people...Wait, there they are. At least I think that's them? You can't tell because everyone looks THE SAME. Wake up! It's just a nightmare; there's still time left before graduation.

Design T-Shirts For Summer Camp

Summer camp is always jam packed with fun stuff for kids to do! Make it even more awesome for the kids by creating impressive custom tshirts for them. Everyone loves a cool tshirt, especially one that brings back epic childhood memories. We have some fantastic options for summer camp t-shirts! Check out one of our most popular options below. You can't go wrong with the tie dyed multi-color spiral short sleeve t-shirt. Kids love them and so do adults!

Put A T-Shirt Design On A Polo

We are so excited to carry these classic ladies' Jerzees Spotshield 50/50 Johnny Collar Polo's with a fun twist! They have an attractive neckline with a collar to keep you cool and comfortable. They also have a stain resistant performance finish for durability and easy care. They are perfect for restaurants looking for a trendy ladylike style with a signature custom design. With WhoopTee, you can save your t shirt design and order more whenever you need them.