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Custom t-shirts, created and designed entirely by you and your teammates, are a great way to reflect your thoughts. Whether it’s political, cultural, economical, or totally personal, WhoopTee is the perfect place for you to create t-shirts, styles, and custom designs that your whole team will love.


If you have ever spent hours typing something and forgot to hit save when the computer crashed or electricity went out, you have felt the frustration of living in the computer age. This experience grants a great learning opportunity to save work on the computer many times throughout the work process. However, you want to be able to save other people from this devastating fate. Help them by wearing a t-shirt that says “CTRL+S”.CTRL + S

Daria Is Back!

Oh MTV, you’re just full of surprises. Just when you thought they’d run out of teen moms and oompa-loompa colored pseudo-Italians to film, they pull out an old favorite. Daria, MTV’s hilariously subversive teenage cynic, sometimes dubbed “the first hipster,” is coming back this summer alongside old episodes of Laguna Beach and The Hills (the latter two which I could do without).

Old School Gameboy Tee


The evolution of pop culture and social media

For more than a decade we have watched the evolution of pop culture along with social media. However, most of us do not have documentation to remember exactly what the social media sites looked like and what functionality existed on them in previous years. This t-shirt provided documentation to members of the organization and an opportunity to reminisce about its early years on social media. This t-shirt shares the fun of pop culture by designing a mock account of a popular social media site on the t-shirt. How can you capture pop culture on a t-shirt today?


90's Throwback: Oregon Trail


Preserving culture through t-shirts

In June, I visited Curacao, an island in the Caribbean. There is a museum there called Kura Hulanda, which educates visitors on the history of slavery around the world as well as the local history and culture in Curacao.


You Go, Glen Coco

One Step Closer to a Robot Takeover

You’ve seen the movies: eventually robots turn against us.  I choose to take post-apocalyptic sci-fi movies as a prophetic warning, giving us some indication of where our current path is taking us.