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Custom t-shirts, created and designed entirely by you and your teammates, are a great way to reflect your thoughts. Whether it’s political, cultural, economical, or totally personal, WhoopTee is the perfect place for you to create t-shirts, styles, and custom designs that your whole team will love.

Make a T-Shirt to Go Down in History with Whooptee

Columbus Day has come and gone.  Did you spend your Monday wisely or waste it away like so many other holidays?  Official holidays are hard to come by, especially here in The States.  Germany has 39 days of national observance; France celebrates a total of 19 official holidays and even Saudi Arabia 28 days to spend in leisure.  How many of those other celebratory countries get to commemorate the founding of their nations with a trip to the mall after an extra two hours of sleep?  Any of them . . . if they really wanted to.

T-Shirt Traditions: End of Season Signing of the Shirt

As quickly as stores fill with back to school supplies in summer, we find ourselves in fall.  Discount bins are filled with erasers, notebooks and pens while kids plan their Columbus Day away from school and studies.

Surge Protector: Be Your Own Billboard with a Custom Tee

Surge is back!! What’s Surge? Only the first energy drink produced in the mid-1990’s that tastes like the perfect mix of Sweetarts, cheap wine and sugar!

Why is Surge back? Back by popular demand, via Facebook campaign by middle aged, tech savvy individuals whose thirst for bad energy drinks can’t be quelched by the two dozen choices offered in most grocery stores.

Goodwill of Ice Bucket Challenge Continues in Custom T's

ALS Ice Bucket challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge needs no explanation.  Images and videos of friends and foes filled our Facebook newsfeeds for weeks on end.  Will we be challenged? If so, who will we put to task?  How much do I have to donate?  Who knew that a few drenched heads would eventually tally over $100 million in one month?

To Whine or To Wine?

August brings out an array of mixed emotions for those of us living in St. Louis. The whining about Summer being over has already begun. Given the last Winter we had, I guess it's justifiable. But Winter isn't here yet so make the best of the beautiful weather while you can! Living in St. Louis defintely has it's perks. There are a ton of winerires located witin an hour and a half of the city. So, ditch the gloomy attitude, call your friends and grab your favorite oversized wine glass. One last task to complete before your trip.

Made In America: Long Sleeve Work T-Shirts are Union Strong

Working in the elements is tough; especially when you’re one of the men and women responsible for fixing roads, updating bridges, or restoring power after a late summer storm.  These jobs aren’t for the faint of heart; they require attention to detail, careful diligence, endurance and adaptability.  They train for years, learn their trades and always come prepared with the right equipment.

Ugly Dog? Get Cool Dog Clothes

Ugly dog? Get cool clothes.

Dogs lick their asses, sniff each other's butts, drink from the toilet and slobber on everything! Like people, the more attractive and charismatic the dog, the lesser the offense.

Man Claims Whooptee T-Shirt has Given him Energy Boost

July 24, 2014 (B.S. Wire) Solar energy is not just for cars and houses anymore.  Environmentalists and Congressmen alike encourage to “go green” but not so says Tennessee native Alan Montgomery.  The 21 year old engineering student at the University of Podunk, urges other students to “Go Black for Solar Energy.”

Winners With WhoopTee - 3 Scoops Of Rice

Most recently, the group won a $200 certificate from Whooptee.com to spend on their next order just by sending a picture of the group in their talent show t-shirts. Remember, whether you’re designing shirts for your dance troupe or just a group of fans, you’re always a winner with Whooptee!

Design Your Own T-Shirt Brand

Is that a Polo shirt or a one-legged lion with a toothpick in its mouth?  Everyone knows when you ask for a Polo shirt you’re expecting Ralph Lauren not just some cotton knockoff.   The term “polo shirt” has become a catch all for any “casual short-sleeved cotton shirt with a collar and several buttons at the neck” (according to Wikipedia.