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Custom t-shirts that go above and beyond the generic shape and style are bound to get heads turning. Flattering cuts, colors, and necklines can make a statement all while taking part in a fun group t-shirt outing.

Summer Pair

How do you dress up when the summer heat has you wanting to dress way down?  This cool strappy wedge from TOMS paired with your custom t-shirt is the combo you are looking for.  The bright colored canvas and your favorite t-shirt say “I’m casual, ready for summer” while the wedge style and your custom design dress it all up for a great night out.

Vintage Find: Fashion Graffiti Tee

Armani Exchange, Armani’s street style and music-inspired line that comes out with fun, fresh tees, like this black vintage-inspired tee, proves that high-fashion designers and boutiques can still surprise us (read: are willing to produce garments that normal people can actually afford).

Celebrity Vintage Tee Fashion


This bike was custom built by Classified Moto in Richmond VA for an experimental film still in production called “Reciprocity”.

National Ice Cream Day

Sunday, July 15, 2012 was National Ice Cream Day. What is the proper fashion to wear on this national holiday? A t-shirt, of course, is the best choice for a top. If you missed this year’s event, start preparing for next year. At WhoopTee, we have the t-shirt color that you need to get started. Then, add your favorite toppings design. Next July 15, pull out your special Ice Cream Day shirt and head to your favorite ice cream shop.

Fashion on a budget

T-shirts are always in fashion and may be worn with shorts, jeans and even skirts. T-shirts may be bought in just about any department store, but a customized shirt will make you stand out. Customized shirts are typically less expensive than designer t-shirts.


Fashion for small towns

I grew up in a small town in Illinois where after the sun went down, the town was dark. What is there to do after sunset in a town where there is nothing available for teenagers to do? Cow tipping! There should be a t-shirt for all of the small town folks who engage in this sport or joke about being a professional at it.


To Wear, or Not to Wear: The Graphic Tee

So lately I've found that while pontificating about some bit of ridiculousness, mid-post I uncover some issue I've been meaning to get around to, and today is no exception.

Peace Now? Graphic Tee

Well done, Ms Hudgens. Take note, tee-lovers: gorgeous color, beautiful cut and fit. Yay! And I have to say, while perusing through the bazillions of street style blogs I frequent every day in order to bring you all the best in fashionable tees, I've seen quite a few of you run into trouble with off-the-shoulder tees that aren't fitted correctly, come in some awful variation of vomitous green or disgusting yellow, or sport some totally useless graphic.