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Need a design for your group, but not sure how to design your own custom t-shirt? Take a look at some of our inspiration blogs to get an idea of the fun, creative designs you can assemble for your group with our designer tool.

To The Ladies of Nerinx Hall

So I’m sure you’re getting sick of the fact that I keep mentioning successful alumnae of local St. Louis high schools, but you Nerinx ladies know how proud you are of your very own Jenna Fischer (aka, PAM FROM THE OFFICE!). That is the claim-iest of claims to fame, right there. On top of that, Nerinx rightfully prides itself on the development of empowered, kind, intelligent, caring women who take risks, and subsequently have real opportunities to know themselves, their passions, priorities, and values. Hmm…sounds like we could use a few more of those in the world!

Vacation Bible School

Fall is just around the corner, but I know that some of you are already planning for next summer’s Vacation Bible School. 

McCluer North Stars

Hey McCluer North Stars! We’ve got an idea for you- show your pride for the blue and white with some school spirited custom-designed fan shirts for you and all of your friends. As we all know, high school is way more than just academics, classes, sports, etc. It’s about making friends, having fun, learning how to relate to others, and learning lessons you’ll take with you for the rest of your life (as hokey and Mother Goose-y as it sounds).

Oakville High School Tigers

Now that the start of school is off and running, classes have started, fall sports are up and running- chances are you’re getting a bit more used to your new high school routine. From your English, History and Lit classes to Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics, you’ve gotta be sure to squeeze in some time for fun with friends, and to cheer on your Oakville High School Tigers, with the gold and yellow! You’re sure to be a hit in the crowd with a sweet shirt like this. Order a bunch with your friends, hand them out at school events, and you’ll be sure to make your mark!

University City High School

As Nelly’s alma mater (WHAT!!), where he formed the infamous Midwest hip-hop group, the St. Lunatics, y’all at University City High School have to be proud. After all, you’re walking up and down the same halls, sitting in the same classrooms, and harassing the same teachers as Nelly! That’s gotta put some spring in your step. The success of those icons not simply a reflection of personal achievement, but a source of patriotic pride and loyalty to the city of St. Louis and all that it has to offer.


Who would have guessed that Indianapolis is actually quite the art metropolis these days? The burgeoning Midwestern city is home to the nationally-ranked Herron School of Art as well as a number of museums with prestigious collections, such as the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, the Indianapolis Art Center, and many more. Better yet, each are important enough to have their very own Wikipedia pages that appear to be composed of actual facts–wow!

Bishop DuBourg High School

Having produced entrepreneurial mastermind Jack Dorsey, it’s no surprise that Bishop DuBourg High School has quite a Twitter presence- even the admissions office has its own Twitter username (@DBadmissions). With a social media-savvy haven like that, its no surprise the athletics, extra curricular activities, and academics at DuBourg take center stage, and many with a distinct online presence all their own. This makes personalizing a shirt simple, easy, and effective- head over to the WhoopTee designer tool to customize a shirt for your own high school club or activity.

Affton High School, Class of 2013

As if having George Clooney walk up and down the halls of Affton High to shoot scenes for the film Up in the Air isn’t cool enough (sorry, I had to fan girl out for a sec), you get to wear all kinds of gold and purple swag to show off your school spirit. As complementary colors, just about everything pops with gold and purple- there’s not a whole lot that can go wrong in the world of t-shirtery when you’re working with a winning color scheme. So, with a few clicks of a mouse and the WhoopTee designer tool, we put together some fresh new awesomeness for our friends at Affton High.

Bachelor Party Tee: Must Have

Although there are many stressful elements that go into pulling off a wedding, the groom can relax knowing that the bachelor party is just around the corner. Then it's time to kick back, relax, and have an evening out with friends. In order to memorialize that special evening out with the guys before the commitment to married life, try out a custom bachelor party t-shirt like the one we’ve put together here. When the screaming kids and college tuition bills come along, you’ll look back at the carefree time you spent with friends- and who knows?

Shirts for Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota recently achieved genius status, according to my calculations.