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Need a design for your group, but not sure how to design your own custom t-shirt? Take a look at some of our inspiration blogs to get an idea of the fun, creative designs you can assemble for your group with our designer tool.

T-Shirt Tips: Maryville University

So, you’ve envisioned your t-shirt, perfected your graphics, sketched out a bunch of difference options for design and text placement, and you’re totally ready to make your vision come to life on a shirt. You’re all about the designer tool, you’ve tested out how it works, played with the font, color, style, and clip art options…and, understandably so, you might have gotten carried away with using a zillion different colors, a bunch of images, clip art borders, names and numbers on the back…the list goes on.

Home Room Shirts

I have a bit of a wandering mind.  I like to think that it is because my mind is just so unbelievably sharp that it needs to attend to as many things at once as it can, simply to keep from getting bored.  Yes, that's what I like to think.

Wydown Wildcats

Eighth graders who graduated last year missed out on the big changes happening at Wydown Middle School this year. After a summer of huge renovations, the brand-new school officially opened its doors to students on August 15th. Brand-new sixth graders were met with a stunning new building, new teachers, classes, friends, activities, sports, and more. That’s a heck of a lot of new! It couldn’t hurt to start of the week with some new Wydown Middle School shirts as well.

Back-to-School BBQ

Backyard barbecues are a great way to say a fond farewell to the summer. Although if you live in the Lou, chances are you’re welcoming the cooler temperatures and are glad to take in a breath of non-triple digit air. Putting together a custom shirt for your special family barbecue or back-to-school event is a great way to commemorate the fun times you enjoyed, whether you journeyed over to Fair St. Louis to watch some amazing performers (including St. Louis’ own born-and-bred Nelly and the St.

Running of the Bills

Dating back to the late 19th century, the rivalry between St. Louis University High and Christian Brothers College High School runs deep in the veins of the students of these two schools.  The rivalry is egged on by the two communities of fans supporting these schools; so much so that the football teams had to use Busch stadium to accomodate all the attendees of their face-off.

Webster University

"Innovative, Comprehensive, Fresh, Resourceful, Respected, Local, Global."  Those are words used to describe Webster University, and they can only begin to do this great university justice.

Stud Co

Over the years as students have been herded like cattle into middle schools, high school, and beyond, student leaders have come up with all kinds of names for Student Council. Class presidents, student senate, STUCO, what have you- yet, I haven’t seen anyone unleash this baby:

Whitfield Warriors

The juggernaut of a program boasted by Whitfield School’s Men’s soccer team is just one of the school’s multiple claims to fame. Having acquired seven state championships since 2001, the Whitfield Warriors continue to impress with a wide array of athletic and academic successes. Maybe I’m a bit biased, as Whitfield was my alma-mater- but as a Lady Warrior and loyal art club member, I was the furthest thing from the macho soccer studs striding down the hallways.

Truman State University, FUN.

Truman State University, I like you.

Parkway Central High School

Parkway Central High School, you have a long list of great clubs!