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Intramural Sand Volleyball

For the non-athletically inclined, it's helpful that there are a variety of sports that can still be effectively played with little to no skill. Hooray! Luckily, such is the case with several local sand and indoor volleyball leagues. Now that the high school glory days of sports are over, the old and cranky among us can still get our fix playing in intramural leagues–which are actually a ton of fun. My personal favorite is sand volleyball, because you get to feel the sand squeeze between your toes and get totally covered in it while diving for game-determining points!

WUmbledore's Army...For Real!

My Facebook homepage appears to have been capitalizing on my Harry Potter obsession lately, as one of the “trending stories” (ugh) on Yahoo was “Daniel Radcliffe: I’m Not Friends With Rupert Grint.” While the pragmatic wanna-be worldly side of me was all, “Why is this news…” the other, far more overpowering Harry Potter die-hard fan side of me was like “OH my GOD…Harry, you and Ron aren’t friends in real life? (Sniffle*) What about when Ron sacrificed himself for you in the life-size game of Wizard Chess in Sorcerer’s Stone? Huh? What about that Harry?” Resultant inner turmoil...

Carnahan High School OF THE FUTURE

I went to Mandeville High School, located in southern Louisiana, just north of New Orleans.  That was its name, Mandeville High School.

Lindbergh Lady Flyers

It’s back to school, fresh supplies, text books, sports teams, and clothes in tow. The Lindbergh High School Lady Flyers track and cross-country teams are coming back into the season with renewed vigor, still riding the wave of momentum from last season’s Missouri Class 3 First Place State Championship for the 4x800 meter relay. Congratulations, ladies! With some fresh new fashionable tees, this year’s 2012 season could be even better. Let’s see what you’ve got! WhoopTee is proud to serve St.

Not-for-profit t-shirts

Non-profit companies are often the strong-and-silent threads of our social fabric.

UMSL Tritons


Harris-Stowe State University

The hornet is the largest of the eusocial wasps, a classification which means they practice the highest form of social organization.  In short, hornets are an advanced civilization.  The appropriately mascotted Harris-Stowe University Hornets are an advanced civilization, too.


Boy, it only took me about thirty tries to spell that one right…anyway, if any of you new Mizzou Students are looking to start off your semester right (and there are a TON of you this year), make some new friends, and have a blast with a new sport, try out for the Mizzou’s nationally ranked club Racquetball team. This will give you a new chance to explore your horizons and pick up a brand-new custom-designed racquetball team t-shirt to boot.


College is all about getting involved, discovering yourself, and overcoming your fears in order for your best self to shine through. So try something new this year, whether it be an intramural sport, a tough science class, theater, music, tutoring kids, or something music-oriented like our lady A-Capella friends at SLU, Beyond All Reason. What’s stopping you? Fear? Self-consciousness? Failure? Toss all that aside, and let your preconceived ideas about who you are and what you’re good at fall away.

College of the Ozarks

Their mascot is the Bobcat, they are located in the Ozark Mountains, and they are #6 on the Forbes list of Best Buy Colleges.  What more can you want in a college?