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Need a design for your group, but not sure how to design your own custom t-shirt? Take a look at some of our inspiration blogs to get an idea of the fun, creative designs you can assemble for your group with our designer tool.

Class of 2013 t-shirts

You are about to embark on your final year of high school. This will be your last year together as a class, but the memories of your time together will last a lifetime. With all of the emotions and decisions that go along with being a senior, help your class create the best class t-shirt ever.


Seating for Your Summer

I remember these chairs.  

23 Year Road Trip

Gunther Holtorf and his wife Christine celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 by setting out on what was going to be an 18-month road trip across Africa

Case In Point

I know, I know, we’re doing it again.  But vintage style paired with modern tech is so beautiful we can’t pass it up

Cup of Responsibility

Environmental awareness is so ubiquitous that green is the new whatever-color-you-want-it-to-be, and that’s not a bad thing.  One of the most important features of the green movement is the impulse to reuse, and Klean Kanteen has a reusable cup to replace the red plastic variety at all of your summer gigs.  The stainless steel pint cup is dishwasher safe, 18/8 stainless steel (which we assume is a good thing), won’t break or chip, and just looks really cool.  Really cool also is Whooptee’s commitment to gree

Technological Mashup

Ok, lets see: it’s for a computer, so it’s high tech, but it’s made of wood, so it’s low tech, but it's manufactured with a laser, so its high tech, but works with simple airflow so it’s low tech.  I can’t figure this thing out!  The AirSlab by Solo Deo Gloria, made out of Walnut or Birch, is designed to keep your laptop cool and to help you avoid what they call “sweaty leg syndrome” (for which there is medication, I’m sure).  The intersection of good tech with natural elements has always made sense to me, both functiona

Bieber Fever Strikes...The Marines?

Hahaha...truth be told, I debated reviewing this gem of a photo for the fashion section. Apparently Bieber Fever is a far more widespread ailment than anyone could have bargained for.

New Old Camera

We are repeatedly drawn to vintage style with modern tech.  This Leica M Monochrom digital camera is the perfect blend of the two.

Pointing is hard

Pointing at things is so much more difficult than you think.

Travel advice from locals

Do you love to travel? Cut down on souvenir expenses by creating a t-shirt at WhoopTee to take with you on your travels. This shirt was created using the whooptee.com design features:

World Travel Shirt

Product: Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt (White)