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At WhoopTee, we pride our ability to provide the best custom t-shirts for all shapes, sizes, genders, and age groups, and especially kids! Almost all of our apparel styles come in kids sizes and colors, so your child will feel extra awesome in her brand-new, awesome custom t-shirt that she will get to share with all of her friends.

Back to School: Custom T-Shirts for the Group

As we discussed yesterday, school is starting up again. With school starting up, that means extracurricular activities are going to be ramping up shortly also. That means that your club is going to need t-shirts.

Scout Out A Custom Tee

Scouting has been a long time honored tradition of American childhood. Millions of children have learned survival, craftiness, and the importance of community service from their time as scouts. These are cherished memories that will shape the young scouts for the rest of their lives.

Snowed In? Snow What. Warm Up with WhoopTee

For anyone not lucky enough to live in a tropical climate, snow is an annual inevitability. With snow comes poor travel conditions. With poor travel conditions come snow days. With snow days come two general stages for your child:

Get your Elves to Make Your Custom Shirts

With the cold of winter knocking at our doors, coupled with evening creeping in as early as 5:00 p.m., there’s just no way kids can play outside this time of year.  Once the Play Doh has dried, every video game has been mastered and the novelty of cookie-making has worn off, what’s a kid to do?

Cheer and Lead the Way to Custom Jerseys

Here’s a quick back to school, short answer quiz:


Get Schooled in Design by Whooptee.com

When you’re in high school, you can’t wait to go to college.  When you’re in college, you can’t wait to get a “real job” that make “real money” so you never have to read one more textbook for the rest of your life!