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At WhoopTee, we pride our ability to provide the best custom t-shirts for all shapes, sizes, genders, and age groups, and especially kids! Almost all of our apparel styles come in kids sizes and colors, so your child will feel extra awesome in her brand-new, awesome custom t-shirt that she will get to share with all of her friends.

Are Your School Shirts Custom?

Saying that we all lead busy lives is an understatement.  Summer mornings happen in stark contrast to school mornings.  In the summer, kids sleep in until they get hungry.  During the school year, kids are shaken awake and prodded from their beds to get ready for school.

Customize Your Camp Clothes With Us

ATTENTION ALL CAMPERS: It’s June, you’re off to camp with a dozen other girls named Kaylee, it’s rainy and hot all at the same time and you’re just not sure what to pack.

Rad Grads Need Custom T's for Future First Graders!

It’s graduation time, only this graduation is slightly different. For example, no cramming for finals are required.  No big party expected. No job searches on the horizon.

Celebrate the Life of A Child with A Personal Custom Shirt

Resolutions have been made and kept . . . or attempted.

The "Principals" of Dressing for School

Do you put the pal in principal?  Handing out high-fives and fist bumps to students and faculty alike.  Making sure – in a politically correct way and/or manner that is sexually inoffensive - that the rules and regulations of dress code have been followed.   But there’s something to be said for letting kids wear whatever they like to school.  The stoners and all-round deviants usually show up on St.

Winners With WhoopTee - 3 Scoops Of Rice

Most recently, the group won a $200 certificate from Whooptee.com to spend on their next order just by sending a picture of the group in their talent show t-shirts. Remember, whether you’re designing shirts for your dance troupe or just a group of fans, you’re always a winner with Whooptee!

Bump Tradition with a Custom T-Shirt

They’ve been sent, sung and super-sized. They’ve been ballooned, bubble gummed or butter-creamed. Whether he’ll grow up to be a mathematician or politician, find a creative way to announce your new addition.  Think beyond the pink and traditional blue while that baby makes its bump.  Custom apparel is a great way to announce your new bundle of joy.


Guide To Raising Kids VS. Buying Youth T-Shirts

Remember when “Husky” meant fat and “Beanpole” meant skinny? Now kid’s apparel hales a more politically correct/self-esteem boosting type sizing system. Athletic body types earn a “rock star” while curvy girls get the “diva” nickname. All occupational choices and attitudes aside, when did shopping for kids get so difficult?

Custom Sweatshirts For Swim Team?

Yes that’s right. Sweatshirts for swim team. When you’re a kid and tell people you’re on the swim team, all the Khoury league kids groan and tell you how lucky you are to “play in the pool” all day. Clearly they have never been in a freezing cold pool in early June just as the sun comes up. Going to be a high of 80 degrees today, huh? Well not yet. 

Hey Campers!

Camp, camp, camp. Basketball camp, science camp, nature camp. Camp for boys and camp for girls.  There’s even a Doggie Day camp! Summer is synonymous with camp. Keeping track of one kid is hard enough, let alone a hundred. Whooptee.com can make your job a lot easier. Divide and conquer. Follow these steps to design your own custom T-shirts for your camp and make ordering a breeze: