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At WhoopTee, we pride our ability to provide the best custom t-shirts for all shapes, sizes, genders, and age groups, and especially kids! Almost all of our apparel styles come in kids sizes and colors, so your child will feel extra awesome in her brand-new, awesome custom t-shirt that she will get to share with all of her friends.

Custom Football Jersey's For All!

Football is one of America's all time favorite sports. From pee-wee football to professional football, it's popular within all age groups. That is why Team WhoopTee has decided to make football jerseys available for everyone! Like your favorite quarterback, quality football jerseys like this Augusta Sportswear Stadium Replica Jersey can be hard to come by. 

Design T-Shirts For Summer Camp

Summer camp is always jam packed with fun stuff for kids to do! Make it even more awesome for the kids by creating impressive custom tshirts for them. Everyone loves a cool tshirt, especially one that brings back epic childhood memories. We have some fantastic options for summer camp t-shirts! Check out one of our most popular options below. You can't go wrong with the tie dyed multi-color spiral short sleeve t-shirt. Kids love them and so do adults!

Shriners Hospitals for Children Adaptive Sports and Arts

“Shriners Hospital for Children-Houston hosted it's first Adaptive Sports and Arts fair for children and families in the Houston area through the newly created "Team ACTIVE". We value the need for children of all ages and abilities to engage in extra-curricular activities which promotes health, development, social involvement and positive self-efficacy.

Moisture Management Apparel for Athletes

Badger Sportswear is commited to keeping top notch athletes as competitive as possible. This is achieved by designing apparel made for sweating and hustling! Badger is known for their moisture management technology and anti-microbial performance fabric. If you are looking for a custom t shirt to give you the extra edge you need to stay cool, Badger is perfect for you! So far this season we have seen Badger custom t shirts for archery, soccer, running, volleyball and much more.

Custom T-Shirts For Christmas

Avoid handing out fruit cakes for Christmas, NOBODY likes them, at all.  Some say it’s a tradition but it just doesn’t matter anymore.  Do not make the mistake of giving them out, you’d be better off telling people you forgot their gift at home.  Give the gift that keeps on giving….custom t-shirts!!  

Custom T-Shirts For Christmas Gifts

As ludicrous as it may sound, Christmas is only 8 weeks away!  I know what you are thinking….seriously can we PUH-LEASE get through Halloween before we talk about custom t-shirts for Christmas!?!  We could but we want to let you know what we have to offer before you start contemplating suffering through another Black Friday spectacle.  Let WhoopTee do all the work for you this Christmas.  

Custom Jacket Designs for Halloween

We all know by now that our awesome Wordsmither/custom t-shirt design guru, Jorie, was tormented on Halloween as a child. No, no….it’s not what you are thinking. The other children had nothing to do with the trauma that she endured and she was never egged or anything to our knowledge.

Custom T-Shirts For Group Outings

So your favorite nephew is begging you to take him and his 20 closest friends to Six Flags next weekend.  Your first thought is to start coughing erratically, tell him you are sick, grab your keys and run for the door.  But, he looks so pathetic and proceeds to flatter you by telling you how cool you are and how uncool his parents are these days.  You have a flashback to 14 and give in after one last persuasive “PUH-LEEEEASE”.

T-Shirts at Church

I overheard a conversation once wherein an older gentleman was decrying the decline of respect “these kids today” have for church, as evidenced by their not wearing neckties. 

Kid shirt ideas

Looking for a way to keep your kids organized and their best clothes clean? Both can be accomplished at the same time with a little help from WhoopTee. Create fun t-shirts that label the use for individual shirts using the custom design features on the website.