The new semester is going to be a mad house. Every sorority, fraternity, club, organization, activity, group, cause, and intramural team are going to be fighting for the pick of potential members. With freshmen arriving on campus and looking to dive headfirst into student life, being first, being the most noticed, is often the most important. 


You can order custom t-shirts for your club to help drive new membership during this crucial period that will set the tone for the rest of the year. Hand out t-shirts to prospective members, or have them as prizes for games at an activity fair. For example, if your quad has booth spaces for activities, try having a game like arm wrestling or flip cups with t-shirts as the prize. The combination of reward and sport will help draw eyeballs to your club. Try to tie the game in with what your group is all about, and educate and inform while doing the necessary promotion. 


Luckily, you can do this without breaking the bank. We have these guides to help you along as you look to get the most bang for your buck. Try designing a shirt with less color inks, or co black and white if you need to cut the costs down. Most importantly, don’t order less shirts than you need. If you error, do it on the side of more. The more shirts you buy, the less expensive they will be per shirt. A bulk order with too many shirts will be less of a waste than ordering two separate orders at a higher cost per shirt because you underestimated.


One bit of value you’ll get from either way is free shipping. Our t-shirt orders ship for free in two weeks to the 48 contiguous states. To know when your order will arrive, check the upper right hand corner of your screen. Order now, and have your shirts in time for the start of the semester! 

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