It’s that time of year again: People Magazine has crowned the King of Sexy, by way of a friendly game of who has the best PR rep Adam Levine, the tatted out lead singer of Maroon 5, who has hopped from Victoria’s Secret model to Victoria’s Secret model, leaving a heartbroken mass of swooning fans in his wake, male and female.
Subtext: any dude who says he doesn’t have a man crush on Adam Levine is straight clowning you out, like a custom t shirt design you paid too much for and doesn't fit properly. Don'tcha HATE when that happens? Don't worry, we seriously understand. What about the rest of the maroons? Are they saddened and dismayed by being down for the sexy count? 
On the outside, they're all like, bROoooooooo!
What's that? An angel whispering to me from deep inside this tiny mystical Grammy trumpet? 
On the inside, they're all:
So, what are Levine's secrets to ridiculously sexy prowess? Is it his smoldering smile, tamed afro, or owning his douchebaggery? Perhaps a mind-boggling, obnoxious combination of all three. Wondering about the latter? Have a gander at a few of Adam Levine's douchiest quotes we could find ... and he's all:
"I don't know if it's possible to live the rock'n'roll lifestyle and still be romantic." -- U.K.'s Daily Mail, 2008
"I have cheated. And you know what? There is nothing worse than the feeling of doing it." -- Cosmopolitan, 2009
"Men need to live and breathe women." -Brainy Quote 
“Funny. I’m intelligent enough to survive happily and be compassionate. If I were too smart, I would realize all the ills of the world.” - Cosmopolitan, 2009 
I have a high self-opinion - I don't need to hide that. I don't need to be self-deprecating. -Brainy Quote 
So, there you have it: a smattering of Adam Levine-generated douche nuggets. So if you're looking for a pithy quip to bust out on a custom t shirt to revere the King of Sexy, take your pick from the preceding list. We know- we're helpful that way. Yooooou're welcome!
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