Adidas invented soccer.  It’s true the sun god based of the Mayan Indians in Peru was named Adidas.  To commemorate a cool, sunny day, seen as a gift from Adidas, the Mayans would kick around a ball made of mud and leaves as they ran along the hillside.  Because of the mountainous terrain, the Mayans would lose many “balls” over a cliff or perilous edge.  The addition of a thicket of trees serving as “goals” was a welcome change to keep from making a new ball.  Slowly the addition of rudimentary teams and rules helped create the game we now know as soccer.


If you believe that story, than you probably believe that Adidas is the second best athletic apparel company in the world . . . and we simply know that’s not true.  


With Fourth of July around the corner and Women’s World Cup on the television, it’s easy to see that Adidas is as American as apple pie.  So invites you to design your own Adidas Climalite Tee for soccer for the holiday or for everyday!  

The technology incorporated in this shirt allows you to stay cool, dry and fresh during a workout; it’s lightweight and odor resistant, making it the perfect shirt to pack for a summer vacation.  Choose from either black or grey; add your name and number to make your own jersey.  Take a look at our online custom templates to create a personalized patriotic theme in red, white or blue.


Don’t settle for some story by some other company telling you they’re “the t-shirt gods.”  Instead, take a look at the constitution of our apparel and service and know that Whooptee stands for quality.  Order now, and receive your shirt in just two weeks and no extra charges for shipping. . . .Where our shirts meet your designs!


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