If you’ve been on Google today, you’ll notice the unique image that changes daily, shows the Statue of Liberty aboard a ship against the New York skyline.  The clever scene is designed to commemorate the 130th Anniversary of France delivering the Statue of Liberty to the United States. Lady Liberty has solidified the peaceful relationship with France and stands as a symbol for freedom for both immigrant and native-born citizens.  


During that era, all travel abroad was done by ship, making any newcomer, “fresh off the boat.”  Now, modern day “cruisers” welcome seeing the sights from the upper deck as a more peaceful way to see the world.  Recently, Rebecca Lauer and her family traveled to Southeast Alaska wearing custom apparel from Whooptee.com.  Her family wanted to create “something to remind us of the fun/craziness and it was easy to find (each other.)!”  And they succeeded.      


According to Alaska Cruises.com “Alaska's climate during the May-through-September travel season ranges from cool and rainy in the Inside Passage, to mild and sunny in the Interior and the Anchorage area.You'll be far more comfortable in a cotton turtleneck topped with a light sweater and windbreaker than bundled up in a parka. You can add and subtract layers as the weather warrants.”


With any other shirt company, they may have been dead in the water.  With Whooptee.com’s variety and guarantee, they stayed afloat.  The Fuller and Lauer family chose a Gildan Heavy Blend Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt in Royal that mimicked the ocean; add a emblematic crab and name on the back and you have a functional souvenir for the family.   

In addition to being fun and adventurous, Rebecca made a smart move by submitting this photo for our Photo Contest to win a $200 credit toward their next group shirt order.  Or add the coupon code SUMMERFUN07 to any order between now and June 25th to receive 15% off your order along with free shipping.  


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