Do you remember the first time you saw a hoodie?  I distinctly remember watching Rocky run up the stairs in Philly donning his heather gray hoodie en route for his battle against Apollo Creed.  As I grew older, the next time a hoodie had any point of reference for me was when a new rapper named Eminem jumped from the music scene to the movie scene in a film called 8 Mile.  And just a few years ago, as I’m telling my college students to “dress for success,” along comes a man who changed the social world as we knew it . . . and he was wearing a hoodie.  Mark Zuckerberg taught us to customize social channels and Whooptee will teach you to customize your hoodie.


But of course, it’s not just a hoodie it’s an attitude.  While it might look like a bulky sweatshirt that makes its occupant inconspicuous, it’s actually the opposite.  Custom hoodies act as insulation for the artist, the athlete, the genius, the entrepreneur who inhabits it.  It can be a canvas for political activism or the perfect spot for a logo to promote your startup.  Like its predecessors, it’s not the style, it’s how you wear it.


Hoodies, unlike most outerwear, allow layers, which is why it’s one of our most popular sweatshirt styles for fall.  Strip down to a tight fitting tank top, wear alone with knee-high socks or wear under an oversized wintercoat; versatile style for every season.


So now that we’ve established that custom hoodies are appropriate for all occasions, get online to start your design.   And Whooptee makes it easy: choose your hoodie - classic cotton zip up or performance pullover?  Add design - upload a loud image or keep it subtle in sub-text?  Order and wear in as little as two weeks with our free shipping options.    


So change the climate, change the conversation, change the game in a custom hoodie from!


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