Tailgate Checklist

Do you think it’s possible to have a successful tailgate with 20 items or less?  Let’s check:

1.       A tailgate

2.       Football

3.       TV/Radio

4.       Beer

5.       Lawn chairs

6.       Taco dip

7.       Chips

8.       Beer

9.       Cooler

10.   Blanket

11.   Rally Towel

12.   Grill

13.   Hotdog/Bratwurst

14.   Buns

15.   Sunglasses

16.   Liquor

17.   Cups

18.   Hand sanitizer

19.   Team hat

20.   Hoodie

21.   Cooler cup

22.   Bottle opener

Damn! So close.  If only there was some way to combine items to lighten your load and still look cool.  Something like a TV Football? No, that would break too easily. Or Sanitizer –Taco Dip?  Ok, that is disgusting and would probably land you in the hospital.  I’ve got it! What about a hoodie with a built in cooler cup and bottle opener?  It’s genius and Whooptee has it! 

Check out the ultimate game changer in the J. America Hooded Tailgate Sweatshirt.  You can stay warm and carry your favorite beer!  That leaves your hands open for football, opening that hot chick’s bottle or peeing in the alley (there’s still room for the sanitizer, remember?)  It doesn’t matter if you know the difference between an audible and a blitz – everyone must have this custom hoodie!

Seriously, imagine you and your friends, flipping burgers when out of nowhere, a stray football flies your way.  Your friends are busy opening beers, putting on hoodies and finding cooler cups.  Meanwhile, you’ve got your game face on and make the catch, just before it smashes the hottest girl in the face.  You come out the champion once again.

So remember, you play the way you practice.  Be the captain of your team of friends and order 10 custom hoodies at Whooptee.com. Are ready for some football?


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