Saying that we all lead busy lives is an understatement.  Summer mornings happen in stark contrast to school mornings.  In the summer, kids sleep in until they get hungry.  During the school year, kids are shaken awake and prodded from their beds to get ready for school.  In the summer, sun bleached highlights and chlorinate hair are the norm.  During the school year, hair is soaked, combed, and sprayed into submission.  In the summer, shirts and shoes are not required.   During the school year, uniforms and dress code is standard.


When time is essential, you need “go-to” custom apparel to fit your daily needs.  You need to “go-to”


Choose from t-shirts or polo shirts, in your child’s favorite color . . . to ensure there are no apparel arguments before breakfast.  While you are at it, order shirts in a current size and one size larger; something magical happens over Christmas break – children grow right before your eyes!


But what good are shirts without custom designs?  Use our designer tool to add your school name, logo, mascot, or just your kid’s name!  (Remember when mom used to write your name in your underwear?  It was either so you didn’t lose your underwear, or so mom didn’t lose you!  I still don’t know!)  It is as simple as uploading your graphic, choosing its color and placement, and confirming your order.


With all this talk about saving time, start designing today so you can get your order just in time!  Standard shipping requires a two week wait time – for free!  You can also place a one week rush order on your custom shirts.

As summer comes to a close, check the clothes in your closet.  Out with the old and in with the new, custom, affordable clothes from!


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