Here it is - the first of many obligatory fall themed essays about color, fashion and the ability to combine it all in one custom shirt. Well, maybe not one shirt, but a wardrobe of custom apparel.  Here goes . . .


Did you know that a man’s testosterone is highest in the fall?  Scientists believe this is an evolutionary side effect dating back to “ancient times” when men and women participated in the fall rut mating season.


Whooptee recommends:   When you feel like mating, warm up next to a nice fire with a bottle of red wine while wearing your custom yoga pants you designed online from  The Bella + Canvas Ladies Straight Leg Fleece keep you warm and flatter your figure in their low rise style.

Did you know during the fall equinox, you can place an egg on a hard flat surface and it will stand on its own!  How many times does that ever happen?  Well, actually twice.  You can perform this bar trick during spring equinox as well.  But still cool nonetheless.

Whooptee recommends:  Speaking of bars and eggs . . . . men, don’t you want to look attractive and be comfortable when hanging out at your favorite sports bar watching the game?  Check out the Gildan DryBlend Jersey Sport Shirt with a Pocket for a modern, casual look.   Screen print a picture of your favorite sport on the pocket, so when you pull the egg out, the ladies will flock!

Did you know the Fire Safety Commission recommends changing the batteries in the smoke alarms in your homes during on daylight savings.  The newly recognized practice was born from a media campaign promoting fire safety; the commission assumes if we can make it part of our yearly routine, then the simple practice can save lives.

Whooptee recommends: to update your wardrobe, look for burnt orange colors.  One of our favorite custom t-shirts, the Bella + Canvas Robertson Heather Ringer T-Shirt comes in seven different color combinations so you always have the perfect shirt ready when you want to recharge your batteries.

Did you know autumn is referred to as “fall” around the world in reference to the leaves falling on the ground?  The term was adapted from the phrase “fall of the leaf” and “fall of the year” approximately 500 years ago.  The official season is September 21st through November 21st.

Whooptee recommends falling in love with this unique, yet fully functional J. America Tailgate Hooded Sweatshirt.  With a built-in cooler cup and bottle opener, what’s not to love! . . . Where our Shirts Meet Your Designs

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