I was not a good college student.  I don't mean that I made bad grades, or that I skipped class, or that I was beer pong champion.  I mean that I didn't avail myself of all the great traditions my alma mater offered.  In fact, I have very few memories of life in college (not for the reason that many people can't remember college).  I went to half of a football game, I never attended a wrestling match of what is the most successful program in NCAA history, I didn't eat pancakes at midnight during finals week, and I didn't do anything in the fountain in the quad.  I was not a good college student.

Avila University in Kansas City, Missouri, has an incredible catalogue of great traditions, and a student body made up of great college students who love (and support, and attend) their school's traditions.  From Mass of the Holy Spirit to First Friday Freebies, from Eagle Madness to the Ethnic Food and Culture Celebration, Avila University and its students know how to make memories in college.  Here's to you, Avila University students, and here's to your traditions.

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