We are mere weeks away from school starting back up. For parents, that means rushing to the store for pens, paper, pencils, markers, folders and notebooks. For teachers, that means rushing to the store for pens, paper, pencils, markers, folder, notebooks, and much, much more. With the rush to get everything in order for the first day of school, one item may slip through the cracks - club t-shirts. 


No worries, WhoopTee has your back. Our custom tees ship for free in two weeks, and you can always tell the day they will arrive by checking your upper right hand corner. 


Ordering your shirts during the school year has plenty of advantages too. For starters, you can collect the money up front from the kids. To get a free quote, figure out how many kids will need t-shirts. Then, plus the amount and sizes you’ll need into our free quote tool and you’ll get a breakdown of how much each individual school club t-shirt will cost. Then, you can go to the students and collect the exact amount you need from each before you order. 


Why not involve the kids in the design process? This is a great way to get them involved in the club, especially early on. Let interested students design the shirt together, or have your club members submit designs and vote on a winner as a group. Our designer tool is easy to use, and the kids should have no problem figure out how to make a masterpiece. You may even be surprised by the creativity of some kids. Others may need a little push to realize they have a creative side. 


Once you have a design picked out, order your shirts with the confidence of knowing when they will arrive. While you’re ordering club shirts, restock your spirit wear for the next season. You can upload your team’s logo and create a great-looking shirt in a snap.

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