Take out your pencils and paper . . . it’s time for a pop quiz.  Okay, so it’s still barely summer, but in a couple weeks, it’s back to school.  Time to reinvent your image after a long summer of working out, getting a new group of friends from work and a new set of wheels.  For the first time you feel comfortable in your own skin and you’re ready to show school what you’re all about.  Let your personality pop with a wardrobe of custom apparel.


Whooptee.com has all the back to school looks for athletes, scholars, rockers, social organizers, partiers, wanna-bes and everyone in between.  Show up to the first day of class for fall 2015 in the wrong outfit and commit social suicide; storm the halls in the hottest trends, paired with a one-of-a-kind custom shirt and you’re set until spring.    


Fashion Tip #1: The 80’s are back . . . in a stone-washed, neon splattered, big hair band kinda way!  Late summer has reintroduced the high-waisted stone washed jean short to the tweens and teens of America.  “Roger Rabbit” your way to the ladies tank tops, to find a loose fitting burnout tank like the Bella + Canvas Ladies’ Flowy Racerback Tank in blush,  


Fashion Tip #2: Backpacks are a necessity as well as an accessory.  Don’t leave the job to one bag when you really need three!  Or instead of running the risk of leaving Friday’s homework in Thursday’s bag, switch your look up with personalized hoodie instead.  Choose from lightweight pullovers, to zip-up fronts, to baggy vintage to classic cotton!  There’s a look, size and style for everyone.


Fashion Tip #3:  Leave your nautical stripes out to dry and trade them in for some colorful camo!  Whether it’s pink, green, gray or khaki, animal prints have been replaced by the anti-animal pattern of camouflage!  Use the Designer Tool to add your name and rank to a Code V Camouflage Short Sleeve T-Shirt. You may not be in the military but you’ll have people standing at attention in your new look!


So get in gear for school with Whooptee.com!


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