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It’s Friday the 13th! Please, in the interest of public safety, don’t go to the lake house this weekend. Stay home, lock your doors, and run if you see a hockey mask. Actually, if you see a hockey mask, you’re probably already a goner. Anyway, with Jason on the prowl this Friday the 13th, you can never be too careful. 


Jason Voorhees may have died as a result of a negligent summer camp, but there are plenty of summer camps all around the country who give safe, constructive experiences for kids in a variety of different ways. Summer camps exist in a variety of forms. Sure, you have the traditional camp that involves camp outs, wiener roasts, swimming, etc. You have your cabins, and canoes, and survival trips and whatnot. 


However, the traditional outdoor sleep away camp is far from the only game in town. There are faith-based retreats. There are school camps that stimulate the mind on campus or off. There are music camps, athletic camps, art camps, and more. These camps reach young people and help them learn new skills, hone existing ones, broaden their horizons, get some exercise, or just have some fun. 


Summer camps, be they sleep away or day camps, need cheap custom tees for the kids and for staff. WhoopTee can help with that. Our cheap custom tees are shipped for free, and can be easily created online with our designer tool. You can even upload your camp’s logo to the design and have the ability to share your design instantly on social media to drum up anticipation with your campers. 


Bad Luck?


Friday the 13th is supposed to be bad luck, right? Like walking under a ladder, breaking a mirror, or black cats? Well, we don’t believe in bad luck. Unless you talk about a perfect game while it’s happening…that’s bad mojo. Anyway, ignore the traditional mindset of “unlucky Friday the 13th” and have a safe, fun weekend!

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