Volleyball league T’s – Competitive types are all alike.  The game starts when the sun rises: training, healthy snacks and meals, the right shoes, and of course, the right shirts.  Indoor or sand, club ball or beer-league, one thing is for sure – the shirt can make or break the team.  Volleyball leagues across the country use the same formula to assemble season after season: choosing the right players, determining a team name, finding a sponsor and ordering custom apparel.

Choosing the right team relies on finding the right dynamic – as in, figuring out who gets along and who plays best next to each other.  The tallest player is your middle hitter, bossiest player gets to set, solid offense hits outside and the short scrappy ones play defense.  Keep it simple - afterall, you’re only interesting in winning.

Next team name, always go for funny.  Everyone always goes for the obvious play on volleyball words like – Hard Hitters, Ready Set Win or even Spikes.  The more unique and humorous the name, the more unassuming you’ll appear before you kick ass.  Ball Busters it is!

Finding a sponsor can be a challenge.  Do you go after a teammate’s uncle who owns a landscaping company or chase down a friend from college to reacquaint with to supplement your dues?  Cold calling has never been your strength.  Hear this loud and clear – find a bar, drink there as a team after every game, and you’ve earned your right to ask for registration cash.

Now comes the fun part, or the easy part or actually the no-brainer depending on how you look at it.  Go to Whooptee.com equipped with sizes, logo, team name and cash.   Scroll Athletics under the product line and gawk at the wide range of men’s and women’s custom shirts to choose from.  Here’s the tricky part – of course you want to choose the most official looking shirt available like the Badger B-Dry Core Core T-Shirt but opt for something that doesn’t give away your secret weapon.  Design a shirt that says “Hey, I like volleyball, but I don’t take it too seriously.  It’s a step above soccer.”  A shirt like the alo Super Soft Dri-Blend T-Shirt can pull off that elusive double take; they’ll be too busy looking at your shirts to realize you’ve taken 2 games of 3.  Game, set, match. 

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