Well, we’re a few weeks into Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and the reviews are…mixed to negative. However, response from fans is…also mixed to negative. Aside from being a pretty boss name for a Supreme Court case, it’s a polarizing movie. Whatever side you fall on, be it loved it, hated it, loved parts of it, hating the ending, hated the beginning , or didn’t see it and flat out don’t care, you can’t deny that the movie sees a clash of the titans. That’s right, it’s the battle of two of the most iconic t-shirt designs of all time. 


Yesterday, we talked about how Marlon Brando wore Superman’s classic design for a pretty penny in 1978. Superman’s “S” logo (yes, shockingly it’s a big “S”) is one of the most popular in t-shirt history. All of the popular super heroes have a logo that makes great t-shirt fodder, but Superman has special appeal because Superman used to wear his costume under regular clothes. Anyone who wears a Superman t-shirt under a button down shirt can rip off their over shirt in a phone booth (those are still a thing, right?), Clark Kent style. 


As for Batman, his t-shirt is just as classic. Really, a Batman logo goes well on anything. Just ask Michael Keaton’s Batman, who has a CD drive with a Batman logo on it. Even worse, ask George Clooney’s Batman who has a Batman credit card. Yes, a Batman credit card…and it was a MasterCard. 


When these two t-shirt titans clash, you ultimately choose the winner. Or, you could look at the man of steel and the dark knight and say “I could do better”. Make your own custom t-shirt with WhoopTee and take your ranks among the heroes of nerd fashion.

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