It’s really, really hot outside. We at WhoopTee are melting in the St. Louis area right now, with sweltering temps in the upper 90’s. If you’re in the sun, it’s even worse. Things aren’t looking much cooler for next week, with sweltering heat again on the horizon. If you love the heat, great. Just make sure you drink plenty of water and avoid overly strenuous activity, as heat sickness is a very real danger that can be quite serious. 


There are some who for medical reasons should avoid the extreme heat. The elderly especially should avoid it. Others of us love our 70’s, we’re perfectly fine in the 80’s, but when the thermostat starts hitting the upper 90’s, or 100’s. we bail. For those people, crank up the AC, grab a fan, and find yourself something to do during the hottest days. 


Design a custom t-shirt with WhoopTee’s designer tool.


This is a great indoor activity that only requires internet access and an imagination. You can easily create a t-shirt design with no experience for a purpose, or just for a fun artistic experience. You can share your shirt with friends and family via social media/email, print it out, or order it and wear in, shipped for free in two weeks! 


If you want your kids to get out and get some exercise, that’s commendable. Just be sure to limit their exposure during the peak hours of extreme heat, around 3pm in most places. Have them take a break and in the AC and drink lots of water. Hydration is crucial during hot times. 


The same goes for athletes; keep your outdoor activities confined to early morning or evening and drink lots of water. Avoid soda and other beverages that will dry you out. Make sure to rest in the shade, and don’t push yourself too hard to avoid heat sickness or worse. 


Kick back, relax, and cool down with a custom t-shirt. Make sure to watch those around you and make sure they’re staying safe in the extreme heat. Summer safety is nothing to take lightly.

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