Hahaha...truth be told, I debated reviewing this gem of a photo for the fashion section. Apparently Bieber Fever is a far more widespread ailment than anyone could have bargained for. Beliebers come far and wide from across the world, in all different shapes and sizes; and while stereotypical Beliebers are more prone to be twelve year old girls who burst into a fit of tears with a swish of that side swept hair, who could have guessed the Marines would hop on the Belieber bandwagon? But lo and behold, there they are. Four marines stationed in Afghanistan kick back, bust out some Bieber belly shirts, and have a little fun.
The one rocking the ‘stache on the far left is probably my favorite. What a boss. Post-donning this posh Bieber paraphernalia, the gentlemen proceeded to continue on with their daily routine at their post and do manly things like bench press zero pounds and hold each other. Gah! I just love it. Props to these awesome dudes for putting their lives on the line for our country, and for sending smiles back home (yeah yeah yeah, you can stand a little sappy sentimentality).

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