Ever thought to yourself, “Gee, I wish I had a t-shirt that raises and lowers like blinds. Like, blinds...but a t-shirt. Eureka, that’s it!”
What now, friends?
For all 0.005 percent of you who this applies to (the rest of you can just stare in awe), have a gander at this peculiar innovation from Japanese designer Shikisai. Satisfy your craving for the wacky with this creation that deceives you into thinking it’s just your normal, every day blinds tee, but then springs into action as you actually raise and lower it like you’re in your own living room. No joke.

If I had this in my closet and god forbid someone actually came across it, I would be subject to the embarrassment that used to plague me when my brother would catch me pirouetting about in my room wistfully pretending to be Maria from The Sound of Music or listening to jam bands. Yet, while scurrying about attempting to recover my dignity, I remember savoring the liberation of having confronted someone in a completely unedited, unfiltered state.
Similarly, I love that about this modern marvel of t-shirt architecture, unfettered by restrictions and limitations of what “should” or “should not” appear on a tee. But it is unquestionably weird. Thus, the conundrum: I can’t decide whether this is totally genius, or totally bonkers. It has to be one or the otherperhaps whoever invented the chip clip faced a similar debacle.
Could it be? Am I, the inventor of this epically obvious solution that will prevent mankind from the horror of stale chips, a genius…or am I a complete idiot?”

Judging by the wild success of chip clips, perhaps we ought to consider bringing him in to develop a defense team to counteract the impending zombie apocalypse. The solution could be so obvious, it might take a complete moron to actually think of it.

Shikisai has a variety of other awesomely bizarre designs as well, including tees with realistic-looking hand bags and backpacks illustrated on both sides, as well as a tee featuring an actual, detachable bath plug. Yep. Put your freaky weird goggles on and get ready to be amazed. While we’re already in the realm the insane and lightly treading into territory of the totally nuts, what kind of strange household mechanism do you think you could rock on a tee? Photo via

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