Today is National Space Exploration Day. Today is a day to look up to the stars with awe and wonder. There are millions of planets out there, and untold wonders out in the universe just waiting to be discovered and understood by humanity. There are an estimated 100 billion planets in just the Milky Way galaxy (our home_ alone. 


Space exploration has long been a piece of the national identity. In the 1960’s, the United States and the Soviet Union raced to space, resulting in the Soviets putting the first human in space and the Americans putting the first human on the moon. Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon and suddenly new worlds were opened of all of mankind. The human race was no longer confined to Earth, but the heavens themselves were opened. 


Today, the exploration of space has become more of a cooperative world affair, with the International Space Station serving as a place for humanity to share in the pursuit of knowledge and new frontiers. Countless astronauts, scientists, and engineers have been inspired by the space race and TV shows like Star Trek which depict a hopeful future for humanity in the stars. Not just scientists, but artists and other creatives have taken inspiration from the boundless possibilities of space and space travel, and what it would mean for humanity. 


With that in mind, it is imperative to people around the world to foster a love of space. They need to dream, and be inspired. Teachers all around the United States, and the world, have astronomy clubs, space clubs, engineering clubs, science clubs, STEM clubs, and more to stimulate the intellect of the next generation. 


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