We don’t know about you, but we love Christmas movies and books. Christmas movies, books, and music are seasonal, obviously, which actually adds to the love factor. They’re only appropriate one time out of the entire year! It’s hard to get in the mood for Rudolph in April.  


You are certainly not the only ones who love Christmas movies and books. Why not start a club for everyone who loves to watch those classics? Let’s not forget the classic Christmas book club as well. You can also get a group together to sing or go Christmas caroling. So gather up all your friends who love to watch these movies and start a club where you can watch them and meet once a year during the holiday season.


If that seems like a lot of effort for limited enjoyment, you can meet more than just once a year to enjoy the past time of reading and watching movies. Simply start a book or film club! You get views you wouldn’t think of otherwise and get you thinking while you read or watch the movies through enriching discussions with other lovers of the arts.


The more you learn from a movie or book the better, and you will get so much more out of these works of art through discussing them with your fellow readers/viewers. It is nice to surrounded by movie fans that agree with you and share in your love for books and movies. Sometimes you’ll see eye to eye, often you won’t, but one thing is guaranteed: you’ll all come away intellectually satisfied by spirited, thought out, and respectful discussion.


The more the merrier, so promote your club so more people will want to join and to also enjoy the same books and movies by wearing self-designed custom shirts from WhoopTee. Your club can create cheap custom t-shirts to promote your activities, raise funds for charity, or just for fun.


You don’t need a club to enjoy books, movies, or custom t-shirts, though. You can always enjoy your favorite works with your own custom tee with our no minimum options. There are countless possibilities of movies and books to pick up and read or choose to watch. So why limit yourself? Make your wardrobe as varied as the wide-array of artistic works at your finger tips.

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