Exercise your voice with this awesome graphic tee critiquing the string of colossal errors behind the 4.9 million barrels of crude oil that were released into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, causing “the largest environmental disaster in US history” according to the US Department of Justice. While yelling and cursing BP might seem like an entirely appropriate reaction, this tee gives the wearer an omnipresent voice far outlasting the transitory wisps of dialogue the spoken word affords us. Double points for framing it as a “fail”  that uncovers probably the only humorous undertone possible given the circumstance, and packs a powerfully opinionated punch.

Apparently aiming for an even bigger fail, in April 2012 evidence was released that a former BP engineer who worked on the Top Kill effort to stop the oil flow not only knew that the initiative was unlikely to be successful, but was actively reporting data that led the government and the public to believe the oil flow and resultant environmental damage was significantly less than it actually was. He has been charged with two counts of obstruction of justice and faces up to twenty years in prison, as well as a $250,000 fine for each count.

So, let’s review.
Explosive oil spill goes down...BP Engineer sits in his cubicle crunching numbers while playing World of Warcraft and eating Starburst, doing whatever engineers do...lalala...when number crunching reveals upwards of 50,000 barrels of oil being dumped into the ocean PER DAY.
Although the evidence suggests the complete opposite, I’ll be generous and assume said BP Engineer has a tiny glimmer of a conscience and immediately experiences an emotional breakdown, as what this will mean for the environment dawns on him. As the implications of the spill include not only marine devastation, but a monster BP public relations disaster to boot, BP Engineer busily puts the most effort into the least important of the preceding, participating in a highly publicized relief effort that doesn’t have a chance of making a dent due to the high flowrate of oil and size of the orifice...all of which he is well-aware. BP Engineer then reports faulty data, promotes a relief effort he actively knows will fail, and puts the entire planet at risk, for which he faces a maximum sentence of twenty years in prison and a couple of fines.

Really?? I’m not saying he deserves the electric chair, but this is what unbridled capitalism, greed, and a whole bunch of lazy will do to a society. While humanity may be going down the tubes, tees like these let our voices be heard, which is the first step in affecting change. BP for the fail, obviously. But BP Tee? Definitely a win. Stick it to the man, and give BP a piece of your mind with this slam dunk of a tee. Photo via

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