So…you ignored our advice about getting a custom t-shirt as a Christmas present. You no doubt realized today that you only have 13 days to come up with a one-of-a-kind, personalized Christmas gift in time for the bid day. If you ordered today, your t-shirt would arrive on December 27. Shipped free of charge, as we do, but two days late none-the-less. Looks like you’re out of luck…


…or not. 


You can still give a custom t-shirt Christmas gift through There are really two main ways to pull this off:


Select rush delivery


We offer rush delivery as an option. This will get your t-shirt to you in seven days for an additional fee. This is the most straight-forward way to tackle your timing issue, and will result in a t-shirt being in your hands by Christmas. 


Print out the design


This method won’t get the t-shirt under the tree by the 25th, but it will save you some money and let you continue to enjoy 100% free shipping in the continental US. Our designer tool allows you print out your design once you’re finished putting it together. What you do to present it is up to you. You could put it in an envelope, or just hand it to your loved one. 


Or, you could get creative. put the printout in a box. Wrap it. Put that box inside of a larger box. Wrap it. Put that box in an even larger box, and wrap it. If you don’t mind wasting the wrapping paper, it’s a fun little joke that is a bit more memorable than just handing someone a printout. 


Whatever way you choose to get your t-shirt by Christmas, hurry! We’re under two weeks away, so get designing. If you’re looking to design a t-shirt for kids, check here. If you’re looking to design a t-shirt for your partner, we have guides for that too.

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