They’ve been sent, sung and super-sized. They’ve been ballooned, bubble gummed or butter-creamed. Whether he’ll grow up to be a mathematician or politician, find a creative way to announce your new addition.  Think beyond the pink and traditional blue while that baby makes its bump.  Custom apparel is a great way to announce your new bundle of joy.


In this ever connected culture, nothing is a surprise anymore.  Guys spend months, if not years, planning how they’re going to pop the question and ask you to marry.  Now it’s your turn: Imagine designing a t shirt for your husband that says “World’s Best Dad” and presenting it to him over a romantic dinner.  Give the grandparents-to-be matching custom hoodies to reveal the big news.  Even siblings love a “Big Brother or Big Sister” custom youth t-shirt.  Twins on the way?   Earn twice the savings!  Whooptee has great options when you’re on a tight budget. 


Any good parent worth their weight will start to one-up the competition, also known as O.E.M.s (Other Expectant Mothers) by coming up with the most creative way to announce your baby's arrival.  Avoid the redundant, the obligatory and the mundane.  Custom t-shirts last forever.  What seems like just another ball of cotton in the drawer now may become your toddler’s favorite shirt.  As they grow older, turn that t-shirt into framed art or even a quilt. You might even pass that shirt down to  generations of expectant parents in the family.  Swaddle the ones you love in custom T-shirts designed to commemorate one of the biggest moments of your life.

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