Which team are you on? Today is National Whisky Day, and everyone has a favorite genre of fire water. Be it in a room full of leather bound books wearing a fancy robe, or in a dusty saloon with swinging doors, a stiff glass of whisky wets the whistle. Try saying that five times fast…


Some like a nice smoky scotch. Others, a wee bit of rye. In the land of Jack and Jim, bourbon is the choice of the hour. Let’s not crown a winner without mentioning Canadian whisky, or the great hero John Jameson. If you’re in your twenties and making bad decisions, Fireball has clawed it’s way into the conversation. 


There are many great drinks of choice, both cocktails and on the rocks, but nothing quite says “ohhh yeah” like a nice, cold glass of whisky. Unless you drink it neat, in which case it’s just a nice glass of whisky. Whichever variety of whisky you choose, do it with pride. Your preference is your preference. Don’t let anyone else talk down to you for your choice or beverage or how you drink it (responsibly). 


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If you’re looking for your next fundraiser, instead of a standard wine or beer tasting, consider a whisky tasting. You don’t see them nearly as often but there are plenty of people out there who would love to try different whiskies. Plus, it’s much more palatable to try a sip of a bottle of whisky then to throw down for an entire bottle, which for anything but standard mass produced commercial stuff is pricy.

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