Thanksgiving has been celebrated for several centuries. As generation passes from generation, there are unique traditions created around this special day. One of the more creative traditions we have heard of is Thanksgiving frozen turkey bowling leagues. Now, has in the world do you decide to replace a bowling ball with a frozen turkey is beyond us. All we can say is a lot of creativity, humor, and a love for bowling. If you have never heard of a Turkey bowling team, join the team. We mean that in both ways. If you haven’t been involved in this modern bowling tradition, give it a shot. Plus we are not sure if the idea has caught on all over the country yet.


Now, we have never played the sport of “turkey bowling”, but we have heard of fundraisers being held where the game is played. A frozen turkey, still in the wrapping, gets rolled down an alley at ten pins just like regular bowling. We cringe at the idea of holder a frozen turkey in winter, but that’s half the fun and more of a challenge. So get together to form a team with custom tees to complete the look. 


Plus, imagine how much fun it would be to own a frozen turkey bowling shirt. Even if you don’t partake in the sport, you can make a humorous t-shirt and have a laugh with your family and friends. Don’t forget, we have an option to upload your own image to use in your design. Our designer tool also have clip art available. You can combine your image with one of ours to make the perfect design for your thanksgiving t-shirt. 


We do have one concern that weighs on our minds every year: what happens to the turkey bowling balls? Please, don’t waste these turkeys. You can cook one up for a post-game meal, or donate them to soup kitchens. Just a few friendly pointers: don’t give the homeless beat up turkeys. That’s just mean. Volunteer and help these people out. At the same time, be careful you aren’t consuming spoiled poultry, and never throw a frozen turkey in a fryer. It will blow up. 


Create a fun new tradition for Thanksgiving: parades, and hurling frozen turkeys. Don’t forget to take lots of photos to document this occasion for posterity.

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