Candy.  Quick, what comes to mind? Chocolatey, chewy treats? Shiny, sugary gum drops? Or is it the mecca of all junk food -  a vending machine.  Rows upon rows of sugar and salt contained in brightly colored bags and perforated boxes poised for the ease of pouring just one treat at a time.  As if?  When I find myself eye-to-glass with a beautiful, fully stocked machine, the only thing I can think  is “How much money do I have?”  Before I know it, I’m face deep in a bag of Reese’s Pieces gasping for air.


I never thought the idea of declaring love for my favorite candy could be so polarizing; or that even choosing amongst my favorites would make me feel like I’ve betrayed my best friend.  I quickly justify my choices by differentiating with categories, cost-to-size ratios and weather changes.  Skittles for something sweet, Butterfinger for a long lasting snack and Twizzlers if I’m dieting.  If I ever find myself in a generous mood, I’ve got to go with a Kit Kat or peanut M&M’s.  And rest assured I look down on anyone eating Mentos or licking their fingers post Sour Patch Kid frenzy.


Maybe you’re not so quick to declare your allegiance but get inspired by your favorite candy this Halloween and design a shirt as bright as a stick of Starburst.  Or create a design with nougat in mind!  A couple years ago on Project Runway,  the contestants had to use products from the Hershey store to create a fashion piece.  One woman made a skirt from Dots and bubblegum.  Another designer had a meltdown as his lollipop bodice took a licking.  Then emerged a slinky chocolate brown cocktail dress, more reminiscent of Gucci than   Ghirardelli,made from shiny pillow cases rather than confections.  It was stunning.


The key to the dress wasn’t the novelty of a chocolate dress but the inspiration to take something fun and make it beautiful.  Peruse the product line on Whooptee to create an abstract candy collared shirt.  Looking at the ribbed tank tops just might make you hungry for licorice.  Dare to be different in brightly colored sweatpants only a Sour Patch Kid could love.  Whooptee has favors for everyone’s tastes!      

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