Thank you, someone FINALLY put this on a tee. I was planning on marching down to WhoopTee and doing it myself before I came across this doozy, for reasons I will explain below. Scoff if you must, but the catpocalypse is no laughing matter. For your protection, I have appointed myself Principal Alerter of Catpocalyptic activity. You’re welcome. First order of business: Don’t be fooled by the cute, cuddly cat façade, made infinitely cuter when caught on camera attacking a Labrador a hundred times its size, playing the piano, or getting itself stuck in a cookie jar. I would be lying if I said my impassioned response is not, in part, fueled by jealousy. If I tried to climb into a cookie jar, I know for a fact it would be nowhere near as cute. I’d probably get carted off to a sanitarium. But cats can get stuck in whatever they want and it’s not only acceptable, it’s adorable. Grr. I digress...

Ridiculousness aside, the stylistic choices made here are entirely appropriate given the subject matter. This is not what you would call a “pretty” shirt. Its purpose is that of amusement for both viewer and wearer, and with a black and white image sandwiched between olive green meme text, it has a clear awareness of that purpose. And while there is plenty of speculation about what percentage of the internet cats occupy, let me tell you–it doesn’t matter. That is merely phase one of the plan. Phase two: total intergalactic feline invasion. Don’t believe me? You wait. Do you have a furry friend at home? While she’s busy coughing up hairballs on your carpet, ruining your furniture, and not paying any attention to you, keep a close watch on her whereabouts. Chances are she’s using your humble abode as a headquarters for the Cabinet of Catpocalyptic Activities (CCA) and plotting to take over the universe before your own negligent eyes. Go downstairs, she’s probably serving up appetizer plates of mice and chairing a meeting right now.



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