The Trapper Keeper, known in the 1980’s, known for its versatility, capacity and design, made its debut in 1979.  Its primary functions were to keep loose leaf note paper handy, make folders easily accessible and provide a clipboard function to anchor the design.  The added bonus was the hardback, wrap around design, complete with a Velcro adhesive and dynamic plastic cover.  Oh the covers!   Covers were adorned with everything from kittens on trees, action shots from South American soccer (futbol) games, cartoon Transformers and the classic unicorn centered in front of an exploding purple glitter background.  The Trapper Keeper – the height of technological advancement of our youth; the iPad of the 1980’s.


One thing you couldn’t do with the Trapper Keeper was create cheap online T-shirts on


First, get out your paper and doodle your way to a cool custom shirt.  Next, take that one-of-a-kind design to the designer tool.  Add text, graphics, upload a photo and even check out how it all works together on a shirt,shorts, yoga pants or hoodies!  Flip from one design to the next to keep your ideas fresh and organized.  You can save your design in our database and come back to it when you have other ideas.  Or you can email  to your friends to make group shirts for an upcoming celebration . . . . like the first day of school or new innovative folder technology.  


Unlike most t-shirt companies, we don’t have a minimum order requirement.  So you don’t have to buy a gross of shirts just to get the one you wanted.  On the other end of the notebook, the more you order the cheaper the price per shirt.  You’ll have a variety of trendy, vintage, eco-friendly and athletic shirts and apparel to choose from!


Jump into the new millennium and design your next custom shirt on WhoopTee.



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