Resolutions have been made and kept . . . or attempted.

Winter has kept us held up indoors. . . . and isn’t going anywhere.

There’s only 57 days until spring . . . . but who’s counting.


Believe it or not, today is Celebration of Life Day. It’s a day set aside to appreciate our children and look at them from a different perspective.  As a parent, it’s hard to stop and cherish these moments.  As a teacher, we can get caught up in agendas and calendars without taking the time to get to know our students.  As a grandparent, it seems like every day is a day to dote and spoil grandchildren.  Regardless of how busy your schedule may be, take this time to look at their unique qualities - good and bad- remember what it was like to be a kid again.  

Being a kid is being fearless; not caring what you look like. Not being afraid to say the wrong thing.  Making new friends simply because you share a common love of dinosaurs or dress-up.  Children think we have all the answers and never seem to mind when we stretch the truth.  Kids will give color a picture for us and proudly present it as though it were a priceless work of art.

Give back to your children or a special child in your life with a custom tshirt from  We have something for every kid - in all shapes and sizes - in our line of youth shirts.  Create a custom hoodie with a nickname on the back; design a shirt featuring a hobby using our clip art selection. Order now and receive your shirt in just two week - shipping is free.  Start the year doing business with a quality company like Whooptee.

Surprise your little one with a personalized gift as unique as they are to you.  Every child is a gift; each day a surprise.

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