There is nothing more exciting than a first Christmas after a life changing event. The occasions to celebrate and remember are your first year of engagement, first year of marriage, first year of mother or fatherhood, or even first year of being Grandma or Grandpa. Imagine giving your parents a shirt that says, “Grandma est. 2017”. Any Grandma would be proud to sport this memory saved on clothing. 


Let's not forget they can start a conversation with strangers and friends that lasts for hours about your new bundle of joy. Trust us, those conversations last for hours, especially the Grandma who had to wait a few years for their new found title. This is not the only special first year holiday to celebrate. 


What about the first year of engagement? We have seen pillows and cups with the first year engaged statement but is this really practical? You can't take that pillow with you everywhere you go. You can, however, take a t-shir. There is another way to celebrate your engagement with the world you may only get here: the second year of engagement t-shirt. You also can celebrate with you the first year of your marriage, or any milestone year after. 


Now, if you are German you may have heard about how you need to have a collection of ornaments for a long and happy marriage. Imagine doing this in a first year married t-shirt or even hoodies for when it is cold outside! We also offer long sleeves shirts, and other cold gear like hoodies. These make for great Christmas Card getups. You can buy all matching t-shirts and wear them together in the photo. We even have pet gear, so your fur baby can get in on the family fun. How cute will it be with a fluffy new addition of your new puppy in your cards?


As with the grandma example above, our t-shirts make not only for great mementos, but for Christmas gifts also. Your custom tee order will be shipped for free in two weeks, but don’t put your back up against the way wall by waiting until too close to Christmas. Don’t take the chance of your gift not making it in time to sit under the tree on the big day! 


Make the year special with your custom t-shirts from Whooptee. No other t-shirt will be able to express a special year like the ones you make yourself. Happy first years everyone!

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