So, who here cares about Fifty Shades of Grey? Anyone? No one? Well, that’s kind of what I thought … however, you might be interested in knowing that the highly polarizing, controversial novel will continue to pervade our existence in the form of a giant studio film, bringing it to a whole otherworldly level of disturbing. The film adaptation was all set to start Jax from Sons of Anarchy in the lead role of Christian Grey, but he wound up dropping off of the project due to “scheduling conflicts.” More like, “I came to my senses and ran as fast as I could.” Non-direct quote.
I don’t have anything against crazy, messed up characters. Quite the contrary, those are the best ones. Duh. Isn’t that like, the role of film or whatever? To explore different people and psyches? Hunnam, who also starred in Guillermo Del Toro’s 2013 sci-fi thriller, Pacific Rim, is seriously the bomb dot com in Sons of Anarchy, an amazing show that somehow manages to liken the world of an outlaw motorcycle gang to Hamlet. Seriously? Props. 
And not to make this a bigger social issue or anything … but on the intense world of the WhoopTee blog, where we tackle things waaaay bigger than any humble company blog should, because we’re just that awesome, we’re a fan of this sort of thing. So what better place to discuss your life thoughts than on a custom t shirt you design yourself? Check out this one I put together for Fifty Shades of Grey:
A riveting picture of awesomeness, yes, designed by yours truly. So, got a bone to pick with the world? Welp, there's some pretty insane stuff going on, so you should. Put it on a t shirt design and get started! 
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