Knock knock. 


Who’s there?


The chicken.


The chicken who?


The chicken who crossed the road.




To get to the other side. 


Ok, ok, we’ll stop with the cliches. Just stop throwing fruit and veggies, it’s wasteful. The point is, it’s International Joke Day.  Anyone who loves a laugh, today is your day to let loose with the best jokes you have in your arsenal. Or, you could whip out the saddest, lamest, most tired “dad” jokes you can think of. Either way, a little joking around never hurt anybody.


Of course, you need to always keep in mind that your kind of humor and someone else’s aren’t always the same thing. One person’s joke is another person’s insult. Jokes can be especially problematic in the workplace. A little horsing around never hurt anyone, but you can’t let your playfulness get in the way of productivity. Again, make sure you take the feelings of others into account.


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